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What if you want to purchase your first home sooner? One way to buy a home without having the full 20% deposit is by paying loan mortgage insurance (LMI). With LMI, you are able to borrow a high percentage of the purchase price. It also allows you to purchase a property with a smaller deposit. […]

With Three Interest Rate Cuts, Is This The Best Time to Refinance?

Are you looking at paying less interest? Some people are savvy researchers and will want to take advantage of a lower interest rate from another lender should that be available to reduce repayments. If you aim for a lower interest rate, this could potentially save you a lot of money in the long term. While […]

7 Tips For Securing A Business Loan

Work out what is realistic It’s a good idea to find and compare credit options based on the amount of money you need to borrow, how you want it supplied and the type of security you want to provide (residential, non-residential or none at all). Find a finance broker The next step is to speak […]

Small Business Finance Without The Headache

Personal Loans A relatively young enterprise that doesn’t have a track record of success may not be looked upon favourably by banks.  Lending decisions for this type of situation will be based on risk. A lack of financial history doesn’t help a business loan application, so for those who still want to go through the […]

Inspiring Tips For Renovating Your Home

Kitchen renovation You can either do a kitchen makeover or a full renovation. A beautiful kitchen can add so much value in a home when you sell it in the future. It can also tap the inner Nigella or Jamie Oliver in you and inspire you to cook more at home and save you so […]

How To Avoid A Home Loan Rejection In 2019?

Maria Papa recently did an interview with SBS on “How to Improve your Chances of Getting a Home Loan in 2019?” You can find the link to the interview here. Stop UberEats, Netflix and Amazon online shopping Spend less in the 3 to 6 months before you apply for a loan.  If you are one […]

Buying Land & Building A House

Documentation In addition to documentation about your finances, income and identity, your application for a construction loan needs to include the fixed price building contracts or tenders for the construction, as well as the building plans & specs so that a valuation can be performed. Further documentation will also be required before the lender issues […]