How to buy an investment property with no deposit?

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Property investing

Do you know that you can use the equity of your home as a deposit to buy a 2nd property without using your own cash? If you think property investment is something you’d like to explore, here are a few concepts you need to consider before deciding how to fund your investment property purchase.

What is equity?

What is equity?

Equity is the difference between the current value of your property and the amount you have left on your loan. Let’s say, for example, your property is valued at $900,000 and you owe $500,000 on your home loan. In this scenario, you have $400,000 equity in your home.

Lenders can lend up to 80% of the value of your property, subject to your ability to borrow and repay the loan. In this case, you may be able to release up to 220,000 to invest.

The great thing about equity is that it makes it possible for property investors to refinance a loan and access funds to use as a deposit to buy other properties. The more properties you have, the more equity that you could build as the value of your properties go up.

What are the ways to build more equity in your home?

  1. If you are lucky to buy your first property that has gone up in value in the last 4 years, then you should have equity built in your own home at this stage. According to a recent Corelogic report this February 2022, housing values continue to rise, although at a slower pace across most of the capital cities.  National housing values rose by 1.1% in January, with five of the eight capital cities recording a modest increase in the monthly rate of growth.  The rise in house prices means a rise in the equity of your home.
  2. Renovations is another way of boosting the market value of your home. Updating kitchens and bathrooms, adding a new bedroom or improving landscaping are just a few ways you can build equity in your home.
  3. Reducing your debt by making extra repayments in your home loan is another way to build equity. Every additional dollar you pay above your required monthly repayment reduces your debt and adds up to your equity.

Here are some tips to help you work towards building your property portfolio.

How to build a property portfolio


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