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What if you want to purchase your first home sooner?

One way to buy a home without having the full 20% deposit is by paying loan mortgage insurance (LMI). With LMI, you are able to borrow a high percentage of the purchase price. It also allows you to purchase a property with a smaller deposit.

So what is Loan Mortgage Insurance?

Lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) is one way to buy a home without having the 20% deposit which is typically required by most lenders and financial institutions. It is insurance that protects the bank if you are unable to meet your loan repayments and default on your loan.  Its a one-off fee that can be capitalised on top of your loan or paid upfront.

How is LMI calculated?

Loan mortgage insurance is calculated as a percentage of the loan amount. The higher the loan to value ratio, the more expensive the LMI. LMI varies from lender to lender so it is the mortgage broker’s job to find you the lender that charges the lowest LMI premium.  Since LMI is capaitalised on top of your loan, a lower LMI premium means lower loan repayments. 

How does LMI benefit you?

Loan mortgage insurance will help you achieve the dream of home ownership sooner. It allows the first home buyer to secure a loan for a home with a deposit as low as 5%. You don’t have to wait years to save the 20% deposit which ideally most lenders prefer.

Case Study

Anthony and Sonia are buying their first home and have found a property in Melbourne valued at $600,000. They have managed to save $50,000 for their deposit. The broker provided them with two options. They can wait for 2 more years and save more or they can purchase their home now using LMI. 

Its 2019 and the property market is experiencing a market downturn. Anthony & Sonia are eager to get their first home as soon as they can and take advantage of the falling house prices. After discussing the pros and cons of loan mortgage insurance with their broker, they decide not to wait to save the 20% deposit and to pay for LMI to buy their home today.

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