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Goals in 2022

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Making a big purchase can get stressful, especially when it entails
borrowing money larger than you’ve ever had before. But it shouldn’t be as stressful when you get advice and support
from loan experts like Maverick Finance.
We are here to help you achieve your property goals without breaking the bank. As your mortgage broker, we always take
the time to understand your situation and find the most appropriate lending solution to your needs.
You may be:
➔ A long-time investor with multiple properties
➔ A first home buyer wondering if you can ever own your dream house
➔ Someone who has had financial challenges in the past
Whatever situation you’re in, we want to hear about it and offer you our expert advice.
More than simply managing your loan application, what we aim to do is equip you with the right information to successfully
fulfill your property goals. You can expect us to educate you on loan terminologies, get you access to a wide range of
lenders, and provide you with expert recommendations tailored to your needs.

A recent report from Deloitte recognises the value that mortgage brokers deliver.  Mortgage brokers currently arrange more than half of all home loans each year, and this number continues to grow.  More than 90 percent of customers are happy with their mortgage broker’s performance and mortgage brokers drive competition by improving access to lenders and helping all customers get a better deal.

Our role as mortgage and finance brokers is to take the time to understand your personal situation and requirements and then match it with the most appropriate lending solution.


The Maverick Finance Home Loan Journey

Step 1: Have a Chat With Us​

We begin your home loan journey by knowing you and understanding your financial situation. On our first chat, we can work out how much you can borrow, how much deposit you need, what your repayments will be, and what price of property you can purchase.

Step 2: Analysis & Research​

After an initial assessment of your situation, we go through our panel of lenders to find the best financial solution tailored to your needs. We search through thousands of loan products to find the most competitive interest rate available to you.

Step 3: Recommendations

We set up another meeting with you to present the top three lenders based on your needs and situation. Our recommendations are based on factors such as interest rate, loan features, fees and charges, bank incentives, and the lender’s policy.

Step 4: Apply for the Loan​

Once you’ve made a choice on which lender and loan product to go for, the next step is signing the application form, which we will then submit to the lender.

Step 5: Approval​

Depending on whether you have found a property that you want or not, we request from the lender either a conditional approval or a formal approval.

Step 6: Signing of Loan Contract

Once your loan application is formally approved, the bank issues the loan contract for you to sign. With your conveyancer’s legal advice, you can safely exchange contracts with the property vendor and provide the 10% deposit.

Step 7: Settlement

Settlement is the finish line. This is when your bank pays the balance of the sale price and you become the legal owner of the property. Congratulations!

Why Our Clients Choose Us

It was nice to have Maria Papa as our mortgage broker. She made the experience of obtaining finance for our new home very easy. She was efficient, knowledgeable and helpful in exploring various mortgage options that suit our needs. We are very impressed and thankful to have obtained our loans through Maria, and we will be more than happy to use her service again. — Indra & Merry NSW
The service Maria provides is fantastic. She is very easy to contact and answered all our questions very clearly. We discussed many different options and I am very satisfied with the result. She is great to work with and I recommend her services to all of my friends and family. ​ — Matthew NSW
Maria Papa helped us achieve our dream of having our own home in Australia. Not only did she make the process so much easier for us but also ensured that all aspects were well understood. Her expertise and professionalism are truly invaluable. She’s definitely a “must-have” — Rommel & Jerwin NSW
Maria was professional, honest and approachable. She delivered what she had committed to in a very timely manner without cutting corners — Paz NSW
Maria was excellent. Always available to me. Always returned my calls and answered any question I had. I was very impressed with the quality of the customer service she provided to me. Would highly recommend and refer Maria. — Kim NSW
Maria and her team are very helpful helping me choose the right financial institutions for my investment property. They listened to our needs and provide recommendation based on our priority. - Yovita & Raymond NSW
As a first home buyer, we were so daunted by the whole process but Maria Papa’s approach was so reassuring. She helped us to succeed through our loan application. She was thorough with the whole process, knowledgeable, professional, informative and flexible with time and availability. She has always been attentive to all our communication. We would highly recommend her and will definitely use her services in the future. Edwin & Jane VIC
"Buying a new property is already very daunting but looking for a reliable and trustworthy broker is even more challenging. Claris and myself have always dreamed of having our own house and felt time is slipping away. Then we met Maria, for us having her as our broker is heaven-sent opportunity! Her commitment and professionalism to her clients are highly commendable and we are extremely grateful with her help." - Alice & Claris NSW
"I am very thankful for Maria's help in the entire process of our home loan search till settlement. Her added warmth and concern for my future is a real bonus since buying a property for the first time is overwhelming but with her guidance, everything went smoothly. Kudos to Maria and her team!" - Che from NSW
Obtaining the right finance and broker that understands our setup is very crucial to us, we need someone that we can trust and rely to be able to present all the options available and give us right information to make right decisions. With Chari’s help we have grown and continue to grow our portfolio, we have been able to hold multiple properties- including interstate investment properties. Bob, Aira, Angie & Gilbert NSW
We are blessed to have Chari handle our first home purchased way back in 2019. She made the process simple and stress free. Fast forward, after 2 years she sent us an email re our property and what we can do. We decided to consolidate our car loans to our home loan and she provided us the best offer from the list of lenders. As of today, we freed ourselves from more than 1 fortnightly obligations and thanks to Chari for that. - Henry & Jo
We met Maria back in 2015. Back then, we weren’t financially ready and had no idea on what steps we need to take to buy our first home but despite this, Maria had spent hours of her time providing professional advise and guidance. She had patiently answered all our questions and evaluated our financial position with no strings attached. The amount of knowledge and expertise has saved us so much time and also money. - Arnold & Dinn
Maria Papa was introduced to us by a colleague not long ago and over the course of this period, not only has she provided us a solution to our financial needs but did so very professionally. Maria is also calm, cool and collected even when the going gets tough. With her endearing smile and infectious laughter, there was never a dull moment with her making this truly an enjoyable and educational journey in the world of finance. Not only have we found a reliable finance specialist in Maria but also a good friend for life! - Jeffrey & Ver
Maria and her whole team are amazing! I started my journey to acquire my first property in Australia, a very daunting process, lots of difficult jargon, lots of ways to miss out on great benefits from the government, however, Maria and her team simplified everything for me, they were very clear about everything from the beginning, helped me get full advantage all of the possible governments benefits possible for first home buyers. She is very professional and at the same time very motherly. Not only did they help me get my home loan but also my now beloved car 😉 I cannot thank you enough, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Eddy from NSW

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Buying your first house? Refinancing your property? Getting a property investment? Learn the right strategy and get expert advice from our team of mortgage brokers. We’ll guide you through the home buying process and answer your most pressing questions, such as:

   ➔ Where and what can I buy?

   ➔ How much deposit will I need?

   ➔ How much can I borrow?

   ➔ What are the costs involved?

As your mortgage broker, we seek to attend to your concerns and help you throughout your home loan journey. We have access to hundreds of loan products from Australia’s leading lenders. Let us know what you need and we’ll find you apt solutions and competitive interest rates.

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