How can mum and dad help with your home deposit?

What is Family Pledge? First Home Buyers with no deposit can use their mum and dad to assist. This option is known as Family Guarantee, Family Equity, Family Pledge or Parental Guarantee depending on the lender.  It allows the first home buyer to maximise the amount they can borrow against their own security (the purchase […]

How to save on loan mortgage insurance

Ways to avoid paying loan mortgage insurance

Saving for the 20% home deposit takes an average of 4.6 years, rising to over eight years for those buying in Sydney. Thus saving for a deposit can make the great Australian dream of buying a home seem out of reach. Paying loan mortgage insurance is one way of buying a home without having the […]

7 tips on getting a home loan approved

How to get my home loan approved

Australia’s property market performed impressively during the pandemic. Most capital cities saw median home prices rise to record highs by the 4th quarter of 2020. Record low interest rates and first home buyer incentives like the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme have driven strong demand. Prices just keep on going up and it’s becoming increasingly […]